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About the team 

… It's actually about you ... you, with your thoughts, your feelings, your love, your passion…

That's what we do: we show you how happy you are, how excited you are, how you live the moments in your life!

We are there when you fall in love and we see her just like you, the most beautiful woman on earth…

We are with you to live together the emotion of the engagement ring, the wedding ceremony and the joy of spending time with all your loved ones and friends.

We are with you when you receive the news that you will be a father, when you hold him in your arms for the first time, but also when you lift him above your head and promise him that he will always be happy…

The picture  it's about people and LIFE!

Our team creates emotions and manages to professionally capture all the beautiful moments.

… Is about you, in various “roles” and life challenges,

as a professional,  the founder of an organization, the shareholder, the leader or the teammate who creates and fulfills dreams every day.

The success of your business depends on the impact of the promotion, photography and videography being the ones that convey the message of your company.

The key to success is the professionally made corporate image for the team and the leaders of the company, the services and products sold, but also the actions and events that you carry out (product presentations, etc.) in order to promote.

Our team supports your efforts, identifies and transforms ideas into:

  • event photography and videography

  • business photography and videography;

  • portrait photography;

  • 360 ° product photography for small and large products;

  • corporate event photography (conferences, customer meetings, team-building, etc.);

  • 360 ° filming and video editing;

  • aerial photography and filming, taken with professional drones.


Photo images can be used  for web domains - (press, seminars, corporate presentations, etc.),  as well as in printed versions (business cards, leaflets, catalogs and so on).


You can also benefit from 360 ° photos and videos, for the presentation of real estate for sale / rent, event locations / fitness and recreation activities (restaurants, hotels, party halls, sports halls, SPA locations, etc.).




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For Vlad, event photography became a passion once he realized that it plays an extremely important role in the happiest moments of people's lives.



For Ionut, photography has become beyond a job, a way of life. I like to see how light shapes faces, how it accentuates emotions. Fortunately, he is considered one of the  the lucky ones who fulfilled their dream.



Madalin is the definition of dynamism  searching  each time to film the action in a way that is as little directed as possible, not to intervene on the event and thus to capture the sincere and natural emotion.



For Marian, event photography has become a profession out of a desire to communicate with people and offer them something remarkable. He believes that with this type of photography you can help people by giving them lasting happiness through immortalized memories.



Mihai likes people, he feeds on their energy and he loves to turn these unique feelings from their life into smiles for life! He enjoys the magic of the moment and enjoys every emotion.

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